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A bit of Video Game fun (11/26/2008)

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So today I was spending some time with the significant other and we were discussing video games. We went over some of the best and the worst we had ever played and the urge to make a blog about it came over me. Why not come up with a few catagories and post what I think are the best and worst within each and then ask those reading for THEIR opinions?

Now let me preface this list with a bit of information on where my thoughts are coming from. I am mostly a console gamer with a few computer games mixed in. I have a PS2 and Xbox360 for my console systems and a decent computer that I mostly use for MMOs. I am currently playing Fable 2 on the 360. Hopefully once I finish it I will remember to blog about it as it is a really interesting concept and game.

Best Boss Fight: Luca Blight in Suikoden 2... the need to have 3 parties fully geared and leveled gave it something a bit more then the boss fights I was used to before this. Plus, it was challanging fight without making me say many a bad word... except when Vicki decided it was a good time to mess up and cast her uber damage spell on my party instead of Blight. I will never forgive her.

Best RPG Series: Suikoden... no doubt about it. Even with the issues with Suikoden 4, the rest of the series makes up for it. Suikoden 2 and 3 are my personal favorites, but 1, 5, and Tactics are all great games as well. I mean, how can you go wrong with these games?

Best Graphics (Current game): Lost Odyssey is the best I have seen recently. The graphics are smooth and I have noticed very little slow down. People look like people and move well.

Best Voice Acting: Lost Odyssey again. The voices seemed to fit the characters and no one was super annoying. Plus, I really enjoyed how the characters would talk over each other as it seemed so natural and realistic.

Worst Voice Acting: Final Fantasy X-2. I mean, they actually said "teehee".

Best First Person Shooter: Mass Effect... it was a fps with a really good story line that actually kept me interested.

Best MMORPG: Everquest (original)... it was the first real MMORPG that made a big impact on the gaming world. The fact that it is still going so many years later with a pretty decent populations seems prove that it really has something.

Worst MMORPG: Star Wars Galaxies... I admit, I never personally played it, even as a huge Star Wars fan. However, some of the decisions Sony made when it came to this game pretty much destroyed it. It really had a chance to be a huge game, but it was killed off.

Best Single Line in a Game: "Badass Freakin Overlord" from Lord Zetta in Makai Kingdom... The whole game is filled with great lines.

So this is just some of my list. I hope people will be willing to not only post their thoughts on the ones I made, but also add their own catagories.

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