Saturday, February 20, 2010

Menu for week starting 2/21

Ahhh... what to have next week. Thinking tomorrow morning would be a great day to hit the grocery store. Of course, I decided to wait until now to try and figure out what to make. I either need only 2 meals or 3 meals with one being a crockpot meal because I have to go to campus on Thursday for a study group for Accounting. I already have a meal planned for tomorrow that will fall within the plans for next week...

So far I have:

Tilapia with green beans and cresent rolls (Food Network Magazine)
- I already have everything I need for this

Smothered Pork Chops ( with stuffing and glazed carrots
- Chicken broth
- Buttermilk (maybe, need to check the use by date on what I have)
- Can of Carrots

Chicken Cacciatore ( with rotini
- I am going to change this a bit and leave out the mushrooms due to my mothers allergy and make it with chicken thighs since that is what is in the freezer. This is a slow cooker recipe so mom can eat when she gets home from work and I can eat when I get home from classes.
- Onion
- Green Bell Pepper
- Yellow Bell Pepper
- Rotini

Cod with Tomato Cream Sauce ( with rice
- Thyme
- Shallot
- Chicken Broth
- Heavy Cream

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