Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekly Menu/Recipes

Sometimes I can be so unorganized...

Last week I was supposed to make a maple glazed salmon. Well, due to schedule conflicts and me getting sick, it never happened. I made the other meals I had planned and just moved this recipe into this weeks menu. Sounds easy enough right?

Well, that only works if you can remember where the recipe came from! I spent over 2 hours searching for where I found this recipe while freaking out because my mother was super excited over it. Now, I did finally find it thanks to my handy notebook of meals I want to try, but I realized I need some way to keep this all more organized.

And then I remembered I had a blog I keep forgetting about!

So don't be surprised to see my listing my weekly menu, including a shopping list and where the recipes are from. Not only will this help ME, but it may also give an ongoing point to this blog!

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